THE STRANGE DEATH OF ALEX RAYMOND, The Legendary Graphic Novel, Arrives, At Long Last!


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""Every page is visually enthralling. This is an astonishing aesthetic artifact..." BOOKLIST, Starred review, July 2021 issue.

Legendary creator Dave Sim is renowned world-wide for his groundbreaking Cerebus the Aardvark. Now, in The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, Sim brings to life the history of comics' greatest creators, using their own techniques. Equal parts Understanding Comics and From Hell, Strange Death is a head-on collision of ink drawing and spiritual intrigue, pulp comics and movies, history and fiction. The story traces the lives and techniques of Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon, Rip Kirby), Stan Drake (Juliet Jones), Hal Foster (Prince Valiant), and more, dissecting their methods through recreations of their artwork, and highlighting the metatextual resonances that bind them together.

The project has its origins in the pages of Sim's post-Cerebus comic glamourpuss (2008-2012), but when Sim began Strange Death the graphic novel, almost none of that earlier work was retained. Sim completed approximately 180 pages of this 320-page volume by himself, between 2012 and 2015, before being struck with a potentially career-ending wrist malady. Fellow photorealist Carson Grubaugh was brought on by Sim shortly thereafter to continue the work, which he did over the next few years.

In 2020, Sim announced his intentions to cease work on the project, and gave Grubaugh permission to publish the entirety of the work, with a newly-created conclusion by Grubaugh. “SDOAR is the work of an apex-level-creator doing the best work he has ever done, an absolute master-class in the potential of the medium,” says Grubaugh. “The thought that it might never see the light of day tortured me. That I somehow get to be the guy to wrap it up and bring it to the market is totally baffling.“

The Strange Death of Alex Raymond (ISBN: 978-1-7368605-0-2) IS NOW AVAILABLE as a deluxe oversized hardback, utilizing state-of-the-art sheetfed offset printers and cutting-edge prepress techniques to bring an unparalleled level of detail to the printed page.

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