As many of you know, the printer's prepress staff made a critical error in the July printing of Strange Death that resulted in four almost-blank pages in the book. They compounded this error by failing to halt shipment of the book, which resulted in our distributor Diamond processing the misprint as if it were a CORRECTED printing instead.

All misprint copies mistakenly shipped to retailers were ordered destroyed, and retailers were refunded in full for the misprinted books.

Please note-- if you see a misprint copy of Strange Death in stores, not only is it missing four pages of content, it has not been paid for, and thus the book's authors, publisher, and distributor have received no compensation for it. These misprint copies made their way to comic shops and certain book retailers, and were ordered destroyed by the distributor. Please, if you see a misprint copy for sale, notify the retailer that it is a misprint, or let us know via email, at, and we will contact them.

Thanks so much! We hope you enjoy the book, at long last.

Here is a printable file of the missing content.