In March 2024, a window opens to new vistas of comics unseen. Visions of Nordic introspectiveness, occult pocket watches, suburban drifting, untamed forests and butterfly appreciation all come together in a sticky weave of cutting-edge Finnish comics storytelling.

Tihku is a joint work by twelve artists and the first part in a series. Kutikuti is an association and collective of about sixty contemporary comic artists living in Finland.

Tihku - drizzle. Meteorologically, drizzle consists of small drops of precipitation about 1mm in diameter. Drizzle can be easily seen on your glasses but it doesn't make rings on puddles. Drizzle falls from banks of fog.

Though the contributors vary wildly in art style, the project is conceptually unified by the two-color printing and exquisite design work by Finnish design master Benjamin Bergman.

Here are just a few samples of the joys that await in Tihku, a new anthology by Kutikuti and Living the Line!

Available to preorder now from your local comic store or bookstore. Distributed by Diamond Book Distributors, Diamond Comics, and published by Living the Line.


by Ivanda Jansone


by Terhi Adler 

The only Way

by Terhi Ekebom